About Me

I’ll start off this section by stating the most obvious thing possible: I am Andrew Shaw.  That is my name.

Perhaps what is also obvious is that this is my blog.

And that question floating around in the back of your mind, the one that goes “Who the f*ck is this guy?” is about to be answered.

Currently I am an undergraduate student at the University of Western Ontario, studying Philosophy and Creative Writing.  I am also heavily involved in the University Students’ Council and the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council as well as the Kappa Alpha Society.

I am an avid sports watcher and enthusiast, having played Hockey, Soccer/Football, Curling, Rugby, Baseball, and American Football at some point in my youth.  I am a proud supporter of teams such as Manchester United, the Atlanta Thrashers Winnipeg Jets, the Sale Sharks, and the Ospreys.

One of my other interests is television.  I am usually watching around 10 shows at any one time.  My current favourite shows are Community, Mad Men, and The Big Bang Theory.  My all-time favourites include South Park, Cheers, and, what I would call the greatest show ever made, Due South.

However, I also have many other interests that will become apparent over the course of this blog.  I’ll leave you deliberately in the dark so you have something to look forward to down the road.

Now, go out and read!

  1. Hamza Al-Saffar says:

    Learn to love the Blog!!!

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